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Tarkett Idillia Nova Saga 2


household, class 23/32 in, thickness 3.4 mm (0.5 mm)

Main (Tarkett Idillia Nova Saga 2)
The purpose household
The class load for domestic premises 23
Load class for commercial areas 32
The thickness of the 3.4 mm
The thickness of the working layer 0.5 mm
Additional protective layer Extreme Protection
Specific weight (density) 2.5 kg/m2
Variants of the width of the roll 3 m, 3.5 m, 4 m
Roll length 15 - 25 m
Guaranteed service life 15 years
Specifications (Tarkett Idillia Nova Saga 2)
The resistance of the furniture videos high
The resistance to furniture legs and heels high
Abrasion 12 g/m2
The residual strain 0.92 mm
Stability of linear dimensions 0.1 %
Suitability to the deck on a warm floor
Decor (Tarkett Idillia Nova Saga 2)
Imitation material tree
The color tone brown
Figure tile
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