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Комитекс Лин Печора Нотр-дам (841M)


household, class 23, the base nonwoven, thickness 4 mm (0.3 mm), Russia

Main (Комитекс Лин Печора Нотр-дам (841M))
The purpose household
The class load for domestic premises 23
Material PVC
The base (substrate). woven
The thickness of the 4 mm
The thickness of the working layer 0.3 mm
Specific weight (density) 2.5 kg/m2
Variants of the width of the roll 2.5 m, 3 m, 3.5 m
Roll length 25 m
Guaranteed service life 20 years
Country of production Russia
Specifications (Комитекс Лин Печора Нотр-дам (841M))
Thermal insulation properties 11 sq. m*K/W
Suitability to the deck on a warm floor
Antimicrobial additives
Decor (Комитекс Лин Печора Нотр-дам (841M))
Imitation material tree
The color tone brown
Figure the Palace parquet
Sound insulation properties 22 dB
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